Services and Cost

Below you can find the pricing for services available in Yuma and Flagstaff. Please contact us for specifics regarding appts in the Phoenix Metro Area. 

Please carefully read the information below to learn more about applicable pricing for our services. There are 3 applicable fees, all of which are listed below. Very Important: The Office fee(s) must be paid in Cash and the State Dept Fee must be on a Visa or Mastercard (Debit/Credit/Gift Card). 

Pain Evaluation 

Cannabis Certification + Upload 

If you DO NOT have qualifying medical records in hand, from within the last 12 months, Be sure to budget $65 for the pain evaluation to update your medical hisory on site. To potentially avoid this cost, please bring along "Chart or Progress Notes" from within the last 12 months, signed by a  DO, ND, Chiro, or MD.

Flagstaff Pain Evaluations = $65

Yuma Pain Evaluations = $0 (included in certification cost)
The Certification form needs to be completed by one of our Physicians, in order for the health dept to issue a valid medical marijuana card. We will help take your photo/upload the application at no additional cost. 

Cards are now digital, and valid for 2 years!

Flagstaff Certifications = $95 

Yuma Certifications = $125 

Dept of Health Services App. Fee

The last fee associated, is the payment made direct to the health dept at the end of your certification visit. 

Normal State Fee = $150 

Discounted State Fee = $75 with proof of current EBT/SNAP Enrollment. 

The state dept fee is $150 and must be paid on a visa or mastercard (debit/credit/giftcard). 

The state dept gives a discount of $75 with current proof of EBT or food stamps. Please bring along a copy of your current EBT card (IF IT HAS YOUR NAME EMBOSSED ON THE FRONT). If your EBT card does not have your name on the front, please bring a recent EBT Appoval letter.